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Welcome to our Tutorials section! We are working hard to bring you high quality and interesting tutorials. Also check out the tutorials forum if you have any problems or want to make a request. Also, if the text in the code samples is too small, click here for an explanation.

  • Custom views in a PreferenceActivity

    Let's take another look at PreferenceAcitivites, and how we can use other views, than the basic PreferenceActivity views.

  • TabHost outside a TabActivity

    I found no really easy to understand example on tabhosts, when you don't want to use a TabActivity, so here is one.

  • Cloud to device messaging

    Android has so many features, that it's hard to go over every one of them. We wanted to try out cloud to device messeging (c2dm) for a long time now, and in the past few days I had some time to play with it. Here is a small tutorial on the topic.

  • How to draw multiline text to canvas easily

    There are situations where you have to use a Canvas. What do you do if you have more text than you can properly display?
    The problem is, that if you want multiline text on canvas, with the drawText method, you would have to measure how much space a single line of text would take up, and also compare it to the width of the screen, and draw each line separately.
    Read more to check my solution.

  • Android image processing (detecting motions)

    In this tutorial I'm going to show you how to process an image and draw it's color histogram.

    First you have to create a new Android project with the following parameters.
    Project name: ViewfinderEE368
    Check the box for Android 2.0.1
    Application name: Viewfinder EE368
    Package name: com.example.viewfinderee368
    Check the box for Create Activity and enter: ViewfinderEE368
    Min SDK Version: 6

  • Project development using Google Code and Subversion

    Here is a little tutorial, if you want to check "Fancy time and date picker" by tamas!

    Join to Google Code project from Eclipse

    • Eclipse SVN plugin: Help-> Install New Software ...
    Add a link to install Subclipse:

  • Fancy time and date picker

    The other day we needed a fancier than the factory default date and time picker, so I looked around the net, what other options are out there.

    default datepicker

  • Google Maps 5.7

    With the last Android Google maps update we are blessed with the feature to explicitely download maps for offline usage. Community have been begging for offline google maps for ages. Even if someone has mobile net subscription, coverage is never perfect and its expensive when you are abroad.

    Google is a company that supports internet based services, so I am releived they are improving offline usage in multiple services. The web based Google Docs is also planned to operate offline....

  • PreferenceActivity with custom functionality

    As we previously desribed in PreferenceActivity Basics a preferences screen with basic features can be done with minimal work, only using XML. Now we will inplement some functionality beyond the base ones, this will require some coding in addition to the XML definition.

    We will display the actual value in each preferences summary field, like this:

  • Using Facebook SDK in Android development, Part 2.

    fbIn this part, I show you an android application, which logging in to Facebook, then get the Facebook ID.
    Please go through the first part of the tutorial, before reading this post.