Root your phone without using an usb cable

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A few weeks ago ztomi had a tutorial about ADB wireless. You propably already have your favourite way of rooting your phone (superoneclick etc), but what if you don't want or can't use the usb port of your phone?
We have a Huawei U8220 (or T-mobile pulse) here that has a broken usb port. So after looking around what to do with it, we bought an universal Li-ion battery charger, so we can still use the phone. It looks something like this:


Because we wanted to use it for development purposes, we still needed to get the logs off the device, and install apps easily. This is why we had to root the device, so we could use wireless adb.

The good folks at the xda-developers forums already have a solution for this, it's an android app called z4root.
Just download and install the apk, tap root, and you're done. You can even choose between permament, and temporary root.

The permament root supported device list is kinda limited, but it worked nicely with my nexus one (2.2.2) too, and the permament root supposedly works on 99% of devices.