Project development using Google Code and Subversion

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Here is a little tutorial, if you want to check "Fancy time and date picker" by tamas!

Join to Google Code project from Eclipse

• Eclipse SVN plugin: Help-> Install New Software ...
Add a link to install Subclipse:
• Installing Subclipse
• Add SVN Repository: File-> New-> Other-> SVN-> Checkout Project from SVN
• Create a new repository location
• Copy the project SVN repository access

Update project
• Right-click on project name: Team-> Update to HEAD
(Get the latest version)

Uploading changes to project
To upload project modifications, you must be in the project's team. If you are a group member, you can retrieve your password on the Google Code project page. (Profile -> Settings)
• Right-click Project name: Team> Commit ...
• Fill comment field
• Authentication is required:
- Gmail ID
- Google Code Password

Project Access through a browser
• Navigate to the Google Code Project page
• Source:
- Browse: Viewing Project Files
- Changes: View revision version and changes