How to optimize your android app's performance

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So here's how you can optimize, analyze your current application using TraceView.
Open your Project, and after onCreate(), or anywhere you want to start Log tracing, paste the following lines:

  1. /* start tracing to "/sdcard/filename.trace" */
  2. Debug.startMethodTracing("filename");

It is very important to stop tracing after you have done debugging. To do that, place these lines before onCreate().
  1. public void onDestroy() {
  2.         // stop tracing
  3.         Debug.stopMethodTracing();
  4.     }

Now run your Project, do anything you'd like to optimize, and quit. Open up DDMS File Explorer, and download /sdcard/filename.trace to your hard disk drive.

Go to your Android SDK folder, open Tools directory, and run ./traceview filename.trace

Here's how it looks like: