Google Maps 5.7

SDK Version: 

With the last Android Google maps update we are blessed with the feature to explicitely download maps for offline usage. Community have been begging for offline google maps for ages. Even if someone has mobile net subscription, coverage is never perfect and its expensive when you are abroad.

Google is a company that supports internet based services, so I am releived they are improving offline usage in multiple services. The web based Google Docs is also planned to operate offline.

So, what we got now exactly? We can download maps 10 miles around a given location. What we can not do yet, is plan routes and navigate offline inside a saved area, and the application will not return any search result when used offline. Basically we can only wiev the map parts and use them manually just like a map printed on paper. So it is not mutch compared to the possibilities, but a great beginning, we are waiting for further improwements.

The rest is presented by screenshots: