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  • Updates to the Facebook SDK 3.0 (Beta) for Android

    Facebook recently announced a major update to the Facebook SDK for Android that makes it much simpler to manage login, publish to Open Graph, and measure the traffic you're getting from Facebook. The new SDK is also backwards compatible, so you can easily take advantage of new...

  • Make Eclipse run fast on Ubuntu 12.04

    0One thing which can be extremely annoying for developers is Eclipse. It can be a giant mess to run, and it doesn’t run well straight off the bat for users of Ubuntu 12.04. I share some of my tips to make it work really well for you.

    Tip #1: Use the Oracle Java VM 7. It’s amazing how much different this is compared with Version 6 of either...

  • Broadcast receiver Activity

    If you want to catch a broadcasted intent on an Activity, you may get the following error:

    1. 02-22 08:18:46.874: E/AndroidRuntime(276): java....

  • Android apps porting to BlackBerry PlayBook. It's easy.

    At the begin of February 2012 I’ve tested the BlackBerry Runtime for Android apps Beta which have shown up in end of 2011 to port our Bugzi application from Android to BlackBerry platform. The guys at RIM promise it’s easy. Let’s see, is it really easy?

    At first we can choose three method to port Android applications: Eclipse plug-in, Online tool, and Command-line tools. I use the...

  • Solving advanced animation problems

    As we have seen in the previous animations tutorial it is easy to create some funny animations defined by XML.

    Unfortunately in some cases we face troublesome limitations. Lest see them through an example:
    We will create a simple animation that moves a buttom from the top left corner of the screen to the center when it is clicked, then remains there, and when clicked again it moves back to its original...

  • Layar tutorial part 2

    The first tutorial, we went through the steps to create a simple layer.
    In this tutorial, we are going to explain how to include actions in this layer

  • Multitouch and gesture detection part 2

    In my previous article I showed how to create a simple class that handles the basic gesture events such as ACTION_DOWN, ACTION_MOVE, ACTION_POINTER_DOWN, ACTION_POINTER_UP, ACTION_UP. Combinations of these, you can implement all of touch gesture stuffs thats you need in your work with a touch screen phone.

    Handling multitouch
    Create a boolean member...

  • Gallery intent tutorial

    Our goal is to start the users gallery application, allow him to select an image, and use the chosen image in our application.

    API Level 3 required!

    We will start the operation on a buttons onclick event, implemented as follows:

    1. private static Bitmap...

  • Basic iOS animation

    Sometimes you may need to display short animations in your applications like funny GIFs. The problem with GIFs is that they have only 256 colors and poor transparency. You can consider using PNGs, but basically that type of image doesn't support animations. So what can you do to push the advantage of PNGs (great lossless compression, alpha channels, various coloring schemes, etc.)?

  • Mojito builder

    Last week, in spite of the winter the weather was very mild. The beams of the winter sun brought forward the memories of the summer: hot weather, girls in bikinis, mojitos! We have already gotten a promise for the first two in a certain form here in Helloandroid HQ (the heating system will be repaired, and we 'll have some women colleagues), but it is our task to make coctails.