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Misinterpretation of the word “copyright”

To copyright a certain piece of work means to protect it from being reproduced or altered without the permission of the owner. There is a common misconception that the ownership authority is not attained unless the work is registered with an official organization such as the US Copyright Office (USCO) at the Library of Congress at Washington DC. The phrase “I copyrighted my novel with the Copyright Office” is extremely common but the myth can only be dealt with by entertainment attorneys.

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Are Most Free Antivirus Android Apps Useless?

Basically yes. But there is one with outstanding perfomance - Zoner Antivirus for Free - 8 of 10 malware samples were detected.This article explains it all.

Here you have the best free protection for your phone:

Construction Calculator for Home Improvement

Home Builders app for your android mobile

This amazing App Features TEN (10!) Easy-To-Use TIME-SAVING TOOLS

Remember the last time you started a construction project? Think about it for a few seconds. It was pretty darnThis amazing App Features TEN (10!) Easy-To-Use TIME-SAVING TOOLS frustrating having to run all of those calculations just to get an idea of the materials you needed, wasn’t it?
Hey, I understand completely. The same is true for me and my own projects. I remember the time I wanted to remodel a room in my basement. I would never have thought just throwing up some dry wall would require so many calculations. By the time I was done my BRAIN ACHED! That is when I decided to CREATE A SOLUTION not only for myself but FOR YOU too..
The app includes following calculators
Drywall calculator
Carpet calculator
Paint calculator
Floor & tiles calculator
Air conditioner calculator
Wall paper calculator
Concrete calculator
Brick calculator

The perfect way to Delete a Google Local Listing

Log in to your Google Places account
Click "delete" for the listing in question
Choose "remove this listing from Google Maps". Save changes.
Select listing again, click delete.
Choose "remove this listing from my Google Places account". Save changes.

Note: if you have deleted a listing from your Google Places account, but not from Maps, just reclaim the listing so it appears in your Places account list again, then follow the steps above.

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Relevant info on Copyright Protection

Copyright is the security provided to a form of original work against being reproduced unlawfully. This can be any kind of work ranging from writing, movies, paintings, photographs, musical recordings to live performances, sound broadcasts and computer software.

Copyright UK Provide Complete Copyright Protection For Your work. We ensuring that you always have the best proof to protect your Copyright work and your rights.

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While thinking over the treatment of Vitiligo, one has to understand and clears the mind that Vitiligo happens to be the generalized abnormality of the immune system that creates the white patches on the skin. Although it seems simple to manage the white patches in the skin but there is hardly any permanent treatment generated so far for this disease. That means that the treatment of this disease seems not to be a simple and straight issue.

Copyright Application software

Application software makes the user computer achieve different task which has no relation with the computer development. Copyright issue is very significant here and software is copyrighted to check the illegal copying of the software. This enables the software to be used by the licensee with respect to certain terms and conditions, but others are restricted from using, changing, sharing it etc.

Copyright UK Service Registration is fast, efficient and inexpensive way to protect the work of violation and abuse - ensuring that you always have the best proof to protect your work and your rights. For Online Copyright Registration Visit Here :

Computer Software for Copyright Protection

Copyright UK services ensure protection of computer software as a literary work, however it cannot be patented. If the software combines with hardware then it cannot be granted patent, only otherwise. The novelty does not rely in the software code but on the product. To acquire software protection, form 4 should be applied for (application for registration of Copyright ). Read More

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My Wordpress Site Is Taking Forever To Load And Also On Web Host server

I'm having trouble with my website and also my shared web hosting server. My Hosting provider says that your site is building pressure on web host server because of site queries.My Site is slow to load (and so is the wordpress Site). I've been in touch with hosting provider and they don't think it's a problem at their end. They says that the problems is in your site queries script.Whenever, My monthly bandwidth space is (200 GB ).My Site is not using (200 GB) bandwidth per month it just using 30 to 50 GB per month.but it is also building pressure on web hosting server and site is slow to load.i don’t know what to do :?:

My Question is that how can i resolve this queries problem in wordpress site . i m using w3-total-cache plug-in and some SEO related there any script or plug-in which is effective to control site queries and also effective to control site loading pressure on web host server.

Good Antivirus

Hey I recently found this app. Zoner antivirus (free) is simple, doesnt use up much battery and it can track your lost phone.

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