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How to download Ares for Free??

Ares is free peer-to-peer file sharing application that allows you to download and share files over the internet with your friends, family, coworkers or the Ares community. Ares has many useful features such as your own personal file library, integrated chat rooms, bittorrent support, integrated multimedia player, customizable interface, one click search and much much more. There is absolutely no limits on the amount of files you can download and the download speeds will always be as fast as your internet connection is capable of providing. With Ares, you can download almost any type of file such as Music, Movies, Games, Software, Pictures and more. Click the download button below to get Ares Galaxy, it’s 100% free!

24/7 emergency locksmith Services

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vintage photo app

ok so i own a vintage blog (no big deal i know) but DONT own an Iphone (not a big deal again)
would love to know fi theres HIPSTAGRAM or INSTAGRAM for android. as i said i love vintage stuff but can't find a good photo app for my android.
Hope u can help me out


Hello, My name is Joe Smith, and I currently write a blog specifically for those new Android users. My articles deal with maximizing battery life, Q and A dealing with rooting, and I plan on starting app reviews in the coming weeks. My blog is only about two weeks old, however, I am averaging about 60-70 views a day. If you google "maximize droid razr battery" my blog actually is the first link that shows up. I have a really great article dealing with maximizing the RAZRs battery. The ulitmate goal of my blog is to help other, so maybe you guys could help me accomplish that task. The link to my blog will be below, please check it out. Thank you so much for your time.

Joe Smith

apps on EXTERNAL SD card

My phone, a Galaxy S i9003 has a 4Gb internal SD card already installed, but of this only 1.5Gb is available for storage. I have installed a 32Gb card, which shows up as an external SD card. Since it seemed to make sense to move any apps I could to this larger card I used App 2 SD to accomplish this. Unfortunately it only moves them to the internal SD card, not the external.

I am assured this is because of the lilitations of the OS, not the app itself.

The phone runs 2.2.1 Froyo.

Can anybody confirm this asessment and is there anything I can do about it? It would be great to move my apps to the larger, external card.


Is Google cool with updating your phone?

I recently purchased my first Android off craigslist and started messing around with came with Android 2.1...but I wanted to update it to 4.0 and it slowed the phone down my questions are...

1. Is updating a phone to a newer OS not a good idea? Is the phone running a slower a common problem?

2. My phone originally said it was up to date...but 2.1 is not up to date..why won't it automatically or at least give me the options to update to the latest android OS?

3. Does Google release its newest OS for people to install or do I have to use the ROMS in order to get the latest version?

[FREE GAME] Big Bug Busters

Hi Guys!

We are Spotcat Studio and this is our new game Big Bug Busters...


Get Discovered! Competition Seeks to Find Next Big Android Game

Hooked Media today announces the launch of a competition for Android game developers that gives them a unique chance to win both wide scale distribution through Best Buy's App Discovery Center and seed funding from Trinity Ventures, a top Silicon Valley venture capital firm. They'll also receive a $5k online advertisement package from Venturebeat, one of the industry's most widely-read blogs.

The competition is open to all game developers, who will first submit their games by integrating with Hooked Media’s new discovery platform at During the first phase of the competition the platform will track metrics including user rating, play-time, and installations based on recommendations. The metrics will be used to determine the finalists. The judges will analyze finalists that graduate from the online competition.

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Any software to recover deleted AutoCAD DWG files?

Is there any free software that can recover deleted AutoCAD DWG files?


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