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[Game][Free] Tumble Rumble

We, Menue Games, recently released our fifth game entitled Tumble Rumble. Check the details below!

Become the fastest creature in the Animalia Kingdom!

Three creatures are on a quest to become the fastest creature in the Animalia Kingdom. The track is set – Desert World – where they have to endure the scorching heat and avoid obstacles which can hinder them from accomplishing their goals. Along the way, they can collect coins to unlock and upgrade their power-ups. Will they be able to prove their claim as the fastest creature?


- Three cute characters to choose from:

* T- Spin the Turtle

*Spike the Porcupine (coming soon)

* Armor-dillo the Armadillo (coming soon)

- Each character has unique power-ups to quickly reach the finish line

-Easy gameplay - just touch-drag the character for acceleration and movement

-More character stages to come!

[GAME][FREE] Attack of the Roasted Chickens

We, Menue Games, released our fourth game entitled Attack of the Roasted Chickens. Check out the details below:

Arm yourself with slingshot! The roasted chickens are here!

Isn’t it shameful to be killed by the slap of a roasted chicken?! Then arm yourself with slingshot and began saving your life by throwing rocks at them. Guard yourself from this army of roasted chickens and don’t let them cross your border. They are coming at you for burning their village and making them the target for your dinner. Aim for the Golden Roasted Chicken to strengthen your defense!


-Easy game control – set the direction, hold and release

- Gain magical power-ups by hitting the Golden Roasted Chicken

- Earn extra life and purchase full version to unlock exciting contents

- Variety of roasted chicken enemies with unique attack damage characteristics

[GAME][FREE] Astro Lander

We, Menue Games, released our third game entitled Astro Lander.

Check the details below!

A planetary gravitational adventure!

Planetary exploration is never an easy job - especially with budget constraints on fuel and demanding delivery orders! Navigate carefully through steep and narrow terrain, not to mention the different mysteries that different planets bring. Only when you master the control of your delivery ship will you be able to earn the great esteem as the great Astro Lander!


-Simple control system - press the left and right thrusters to fly your ship!

-Purchasable content for easier gameplay such as net and fuel boosts!

- Customizations for ship can be purchased (coming soon!)

- Explore more worlds and their hidden mysteries! (content coming soon!)

Great apps

Would like to say hello to everyone first. I’m very happy to introduce 2 new apps that we have recently released.

The first one is a quiz based app:

The second one a feature rich battery indicator:

I am eager to hear all of your opinions, thanks for your time.


[GAME][FREE] Mexi Cannon

We, Menue Games, just released our second game entitled Mexi Cannon. Check out the description below!

Viva La Luchadores! Watch them fly from a cannon!

Muscular built, colourful mask and leggings - these costumes are the complete definition of Mexican wrestlers, the Luchadores! Meet the hero of Mexi Cannon: Taco, a typical Luchador who only have one goal in mind - to join the Luchador World Championships. Realizing that he will be late in the tournament, he used a canon and launched himself to avoid the city traffics and finally reach the stadium. Tag along his friends to help him achieve his goal!


*Two unique game modes to choose from:

Normal mode – accomplish missions and collect items with the help of stage objects

King of the Hill mode – jump as high and far as possible and set record for the world to beat

*Choose your hero and set his costume!

*Use signature moves to accelerate towards the goal.


Well, we do say thanks for those warming words from players helping us with some last-minute tweaks, but we will stay modest and let you game fans decide on this matter.

We are very happy and not a little proud to finally be able to give you the trailer for our upcoming release - BlowThis!.

Watch it here!

Please visit us at if you have any questions or just want to send a friendly hi!


My name is Tihana and I’m the developer of the iOS & Android App (Links to both app are provided below)

I have put a lot of love and effort into these apps. Both have been extensively updated and tweaked to perfection. Feel free to comment and supply feedback.

Thank you & Cheers,


The 7 Best Text-To-Speech Engines

Our CTO, Geoff Simons, just posted an inside look at the best TTS voices available for Android. Check it out!

SVOX is the most used voice, but we also like CereProc and Ivona.

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[APP] Listen to Facebook and Twitter with iHear Network

iHear Network version 2.0 is out! Listen to your social news feeds.

* Connect with Facebook, Twitter, or Pocket
* Full text extraction of linked content
* Many advanced Text-To-Speech enhancements
* Easy to upgrade your voice

Download from Google Play

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