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Hangman deluxe


I represent Ahead Solutions and I am very proud to present our newest android app:

Our app has been downloaded 2.5 million times on other platforms including iOS. We have also reached the #1 spot in UK & France.

This is a soon to be multi language app (English & French available at the moment) for all ages.

Also here is our twitter account:

Feel free to tweet us on anything that comes to mind.

Last but not least our website also provides a wealth of information:

We are fans of this genre of games and would love to hear what you think of. All feedback is more then welcome.

Thank you for your time,


Android personalization Apps - what do you think of it?

Hi everybody

The point is rather simple.
We believe (that is a hypothesis) that it's a big deal for the majority of Android users to understand all the possibilities and advantages that Android OS could bring to them.
So it's a greate opportunity for services (mobile applications) which can operate themselves adjusting a smartphone to his owner needs. By analyxing the pattern of using the smartphone and all best users experience practices. And thereafter giving them different recomendaitions of what they could do with their phone setting in order to optimize its productivity, what application he would like above all and would be the best to work on his smartphone and so on and so forth.

So what do you think about all of this.

Thank you very much in advance for your feedback!


Requirements: any Android phone/tablet

Overview: Pop the android bots as they float and bounce around in the clouds. Pop, pop, pop, goes the android robot. Your android phone is telling you, "Hey, pop me!". Get 'Pop Me' now and get to pop, pop, poppin' those android bots.

Screenshot 1
Screenshot 2
Screenshot 3

Download Links:

[FREE][KIDS] Poke My Gummy

Requirements: any Android phone/tablet

Poke My Gummy is a mindless time waster for your Android device. Simply, tap the gummy to make it laugh. Also, enjoy watching the gummy change colors. - Enjoy simple, mindless fun - Tap gummy to make it laugh and change color - Designed for children

Screenshot 1
Screenshot 2
Screenshot 3

Download Links:
Android Freeware

New great app for android Blow This


I am proud to present the newest app from Hellfish Studios Blow This!

Here are the links to the free and paid versions of this app:

We would love to hear what you all think of it.

All of your feedback is more than welcome.

[Games] Birds on a wire

[b]Birds On A Wire[/b]
[b]Year[/b]: 2012
[b]Genre[/b]: Arcade
[b]Developer[/b]: Herocraft
[b]Publisher[/b]: Herocraft
[b]Type of publication[/b]: pirates
[b]Language[/b]: Multi/English
[b]Crack[/b]: not required
[b]Platform[/b]: Android
[b]Screen Resolution[/b]: any

[b]Description:[/b]Birds On A Wire
You'll have a chirping good time helping the birds on a wire escape from the evil witch's spell in this Zuma style arcade puzzler.
The cute and colourful birds are walking in a trance to their doom and only you can stop their untimely end by shooting birds of the same colour into groups which snaps them out of their trance and let's them fly away to safety.
With over 50 engaging levels, a multitude of bonuses to make saving the birds a breeze and 5 distinct game modes, Birds On A Wire is going 'cheep' on Google Play


[App][Free] My Koi Pond

Menue Games presents a calming application just for you!

Check the details below.

Hang out and find inner peace at your own Koi Pond!

In the Eastern coast, Japanese invented a type of den for fishes called Koi Pond. Koi Pond houses Japanese fish called Nishikigoi or Japanese Ornamental Carp and is well designed in terms of architecture to promote health and growth to the fishes. Have your own Koi Pond on your Android device and experience the calmness and inner peace it brings you.


* Realistic set-up of Koi Pond

* Three dimensional fishes swimming around

*Interactive and exciting contents coming soon!

*Additional content and customizations can be done soon!

Here is what you will expect on the application:

[Game][FREE] Ninja Wizard

Hi Android gamers!

We, Menue Games, proudly brings you a role-playing game entitled Ninja Wizard.
Check out the details below.

Destroy the Fuwacha den with wrath!

Ninja wizard is a magical and mysterious being who seeks for the evil little creatures called Fuwacha that cause troubles in the forest. Together with his polar bear friend, he set out on a journey to fuwacha village and to destroy their den, leaving no traces behind. Join him as he sets his record as the greatest ninja wizard of all time!


*Animated gameplay

*Adjustable control placement for left handed or right handed players

*Purchasable power-ups:

*Polar bear and his eye laser beam

*power up potion

*attack speed potion

*movement speed potion

* Earn more ninja tokens by getting the full version!

Here is a peek of the game:

free calls - special offers and other usefull things :-)

Vippie (free dialer for Android) offers two special offers right now:

1. download Vippie by Voipswitch (click:
2. click Like button on Vippie's fan page (click:
3. call and send messages for free to USA and CANADA (to landline and mobiles)


1. download Vippie by Voipswitch (click:
2. click Like button on Vippie's fan page + leave a freak photo (click:
3. call and send messages for free to USA and CANADA + get free minutes to call any destination (to landline and mobiles)
*calling to other Vippie users it's always for free :)

more info: or on Facebook

Blow This! New free game!!

Blow This! New Game Released on Google Play! If you want some excitement in your life - check out this game!!


- Realistic physics simulation!
- High-performance graphics-rendering using OpenGL!
- Adjustable bomb-size to control your detonations!
- Earn rewards and show your friends on facebook!
- 50 levels at release and 100 more to come for free!
- New free feature for every 10.000 sold copies of the game!
- Take part in the development by sending your new cool feature to us!

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