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bind/connected to another program

There is any way that i can bind or connceted to another program that running ?
for example, lets say that we have a running program that wait for input and i want to run another program that will subbmit this input .. it is possibly ? (not a browser)
Thanks !


Hello everyone. I've been trying to figure out how to use the MediaRecorder API, and after a lot of research have come up with nothing. The code on Google's site doesn't work all the way because it is missing some pieces. And general searching has come empty to. I've seen enough about it working, but actual code to support it. Can any one give me a hand. I just need a basic working example to expand off of.

Thanks a bunch

application with GPS


I want to build an application that using GPS.
How can I fake the points that the GPS returns?
I heard there is a mock GPS, How can I install / use it?



what graphics api can i use when im building my application ?

Approach for porting Notifications to Toasts in MusicDroid...


Look at this example of notification in MusicDroid

String notifyText = artist + " - " + song;

Notification notification = new Notification(
R.drawable.playbackstart, notifyText, null, notifyText, null);
nm.notify(NOTIFY_ID, notification);

According to the porting notes, notifications are now Toasts. Great, but MusicDroid used funky drawable elements such as the play and pause images (R.drawable.playbackstart for example above)

Does anyone have an approach for using images in Toasts or instead of notifications do we now have to use two methods to get the same effect in M5?


Plugin framework

I want to know if android has plugin framework. I have seen Java plugin framework (JPF) which supports to load the plugins. Does any body has idea about how to load plugins in android ?

Bitmap Use

Bitmap Use
I want to display a png image at the point of my choice, how can I do that?

Accessing GoogleCalendar with SDK M5-RC15

Hi everyone,

I am trying to access the Google Calendar. I found an example at

The author is accessing the Calendar via the CalendarClient. He's even authorizing the user with CalendarClient#getAuthToken(String, String). But this Method seems to be eliminated in the SDK M5-RC15.

Has anyone an idea how to access the Google Calendar?


network connection on the emulator

can someone tell me plz , when im using the emulator did i have a network connection ? (i mean, can i connect to the internet throught the emulator) ?
thanks !

Video Player Example

If someone could provide me with all the code and XML for a extremely basic video player(no buttons, just playing an external .3gp file) that would be great.

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