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Newbie question: 'import cannot be resolved'

I get the above error message when trying to compile a map-related Android example.
Similar messages occurred when attempting to compile other example codes. The SDK is version 1.1 and the
PATH configured accordingly. The example codes supplied on the 'samples' folder work well,however.
The Shift-Ctrl-O doesn't correct this problem.
I am a newbie with Android and I think some kind of configuration is required to correctly recognize
library components but I couldn't find any related instructions.
What do I have to do so that the required components can be recognized & imported correctly?

Splash Screen

What is the best way to do a Splash Screen. Some like this:

1. Show Splash Screen for 5-10 seconds
2. Load Main Menu Screen.

Thanks for any help

Android Developers team for hire!

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JcGrid client on Android - Please help !!!

hi there
i am trying to port JcGrid on Android but unfortunately i have no former
experience on Android programming! Is it possible to have some help
for changing usual java code to Android code???
Thanks a lot!

Smack API and Android

Hi, I am trying to build a basic XMPP client in android.

I downloaded the Smack API and set it up in Eclipse

( i didn't do any patch bcoz i read that for smack to work properly with android, u need to do a patch. If so, please mail me a copy of the patched smack.jar )

I am using the foll. code

void sendAMsg()
try {

cc = new ConnectionConfiguration("", 5222, ""

conn = new XMPPConnection(cc);
conn.login("$$$$$$$$", "$$$$$$$"
//Message m = new Message();
//m.setSubject("Test msg"
//m.setBody("Hey man, what up?"

}catch(XMPPException ex1) { Log.d("--EARL--", ex1.toString()); }


I just call this method in a button click handler

When i debug the app, i get the foll. errors in LogCat
(The exception is thrown when the conn.connect() method is encountered)

12-19 20:22:06.552: ERROR/OSNetworkSystem(229): unknown socket error -1
12-19 20:22:08.932: DEBUG/--EARL--(229): XMPPError connecting to remote-server-error(502) XMPPError connecting to
12-19 20:22:08.932: DEBUG/--EARL--(229): -- caused by: unknown error

Please help me figure this error out. I am a little short of time.

Earlence Fernandes

Graphics test for "T-Mobile G1" owners

Hi. I have wrote simple graphics test. Every frame it:
- clears display (canvas.drawColor(Color.GRAY); )
- draws 15 (the same one) alpha-blended pngs (4444) w/o any matrix transforms
- outputs fps (every second) and seconds quantity
- not using OpenGL ES.

On emulator (r2)
On my amdx64@2000 it runs with approx 6.5 fps
On my Q6600x64@2600 it runs with approx 10 fps

So I suggest to those who have real device (T-Mobile G1) to download and install this test on it (application is signed ok). It would be very interesting to know - how much fps it takes from G1.

Thanx in advance

Test can be downloaded from:

Problem in loading big(.so) file using JNI concept in Android

Hi All,

We are developing an application in Android using SDK1.0 and JNI.
used JNI & native methods to create the "C" library and trying to load it in Android environment. We hav tried the example given in this site, "Hello World" for the same concept and succeded also.. but while trying our application, we got a big lib file(around 230K) like "" in the example.... and tried to load it in Android emulator...
we are getting.... "Unable to open(lib) and Cannot find library" errors in Log cat...
we are using Windows XP as OS and and all files related to lib are in "C" only....

Please help us if anybody have idea about this...!!
we are using ...the following commands to create and load .so file

arm-none-linux-gnueabi-gcc -c -fpic com_asus_jni_NativeAdd.c

arm-none-linux-gnueabi-ld -T armelf_linux_eabi.xsc -shared -o com_asus_jni_NativeAdd.o

adb push /system/lib

adb remount

actually we hav lots of files like native add here.....

Is there any limitation with lib size in Android phone... if it is, wht are the min & max values?

Plz help us... it's urgent..we got stucked in the middle becoz of this

Thanks & Regards,

webview can't access local files?

Hello everyone!
I tried to use webview to load local html file
(for convenience, I modified sample project ApiDemos ./development/samples/ApiDemos/src/com/example/android/apis/view/

public void onCreate(Bundle icicle) {
final String mimeType = "text/html";
final String encoding = "utf-8";
WebView wv;
try {
InputStream is = getAssets().open("HelloWorld.html"
int size = is.available();
// Read the entire asset into a local byte buffer.
byte[] buffer = new byte[size];;
// Convert the buffer into a string.
String strContent = new String(buffer);

wv = (WebView) findViewById(;
wv.loadData(strContent, mimeType, encoding);
} catch (IOException e) {
// Should never happen!
throw new RuntimeException(e);

HelloWorld.html & HelloWorld.css is saved in folder : ./ApiDemos/assets

@import "HelloWorld.css";

Hello, World!

After startup the emulator, I pushed default.png in to folder /data/data/,

But when I run ApiDemos->View->WebView, the image does not show up, and here is the information in log:
D/WebCore ( 216): Console: Not allowed to load local resource: file:///data/data/ line: 0 source:

So, what's the proplem?

Run app on device?

Hi guys. Which file do I actually want to copy to the file? The .apk? I am using Windows Vista (64-bit) as my development environment. Is it still true that I am unable to test my apps on the device? Thanks in advance!

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