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Help with myListAdapter


I have a problem to list data from my query. 
screen appears in black. 

my query:

Custom Call Screen

hi guys,

i want to change the call screen when initiating a call or receiving a call.

so how can i do it??
is it possible to do with android??

[Testers] Android 10 times faster: DroidBooster

multiplies by 10 the performance of an android system with its
DroidBooster product, that addresses android phone manufacturers !

FlexyCore is asking help from the android community to validate the results on
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Thanks for helping us improve the Android experience !



Breakpoints on a device


I'm a real beginner so please bear with me. I am using eclipse to learn the ropes. I can debug via emulators and when I do breakpoints are working as I'd expect. When I debug on my device (a Tattoo) the breakpoints are ignored, the app just runs. I noticed that when I debug (and target is manual) the emulator has a Yes in the Debug column but my device does not.

Am I doing something wrong or can you not break on a device?



Application synchronization

What would be the best way to implement synchronization between an Android app and a PC/Mac? I would like to synchronize a PC application's database with an Android application's database. Does Android provide an easy way to connect to a computer to transfer data? On the iPhone, I opened a tcp/ip socket and transfered data using a wi-fi connection. Is this what I need to do on Android as well? Thanks.

Help needed regarding the databse in the android aplications

Hi all,

I am new to the android development. I have no idea about the databases used in the android development. when we create the application used the database, then         1)  where the database file is located

                2) how we get the access for that file.

                3) is there any way to get the UI view for the database.

Give me any example code for better understanding.

Thank you,


error message at the time of running application

hi all,

this is varma. when i am trying the application using the database i am getting the ANS(appication not responding) message. and in the Logcat the error message is as follows. for all applications the same error message is displaying.

01-07 23:57:14.342: ERROR/AndroidRuntime(4971): Uncaught handler: thread main exiting due to uncaught exception
01-07 23:57:14.381: ERROR/AndroidRuntime(4971): java.lang.UnsupportedOperationException: addView(View, LayoutParams) is not supported in AdapterView
01-07 23:57:14.381: ERROR/AndroidRuntime(4971):     at android.widget.AdapterView.addView(
01-07 23:57:14.381: ERROR/AndroidRuntime(4971):     at android.view.LayoutInflater.rInflate(
01-07 23:57:14.381: ERROR/AndroidRuntime(4971):     at android.view.LayoutInflater.rInflate(
01-07 23:57:14.381: ERROR/AndroidRuntime(4971):     at android.view.LayoutInflater.inflate(
01-07 23:57:14.381: ERROR/AndroidRuntime(4971):     at android.view.LayoutInflater.inflate(
01-07 23:57:14.381: ERROR/AndroidRuntime(4971):     at android.widget.ResourceCursorAdapter.newView


thank you.

Frozen Bubble Level Editor

Frozen Bubble is among those games that I have played for years and never gets old. Well ok, it does. For it have only 100 levels, it gets repetitive. So I've decided to program level editor for Android's version of Frozen Bubble, so game play can be endless.

Draw, save and play your own levels in Frozen Bubble. Pick a bubble (color) from list of bubbles and by pulling and clicking into drawing field create your level. After save you can fire up Frozen Bubble from menu. Editor comes with 40 levels pre-loaded, so you can play them right away. If you are out of ideas, perhaps you can use one of default levels as template. For more see video, or better - try it ;)

Frozen Bubble Level Editor for Android

Frozen Bubble Level Editor for Android Video

Search for Frozen Bubble in Android Market and install both game and level editor

main screen

1.0.2 - Tutorial added for better understanding how to work with application.
- Change log and application number are shown in About screen
1.1.0 - Droid/Milestone & Tatoo support greatly improved.
- Pop-up message with ID of level saved shows after saving.
1.1.1 - Better options for starting Frozen Bubble - start from custom level X, continue with custom levels progress and continue with default levels progress, minor fixes.

Currency converter for Android

Hi everyone,

Currency converter for Android is simple currency converter (or exchange rates calculator). It is focused on ease of use as well as offline usage. Online update is provided via European central bank, or you can manually add any kind of currency. World's widely used currencies have own flag build-in. Currency conversion is automatic "convert as you write" style. All currencies in list have their exchange rate initially set against EUR, but you can easily change that to your preferred one. From all of currencies you can save your favorites and load them anytime you choose to.

project's homepage: Currency converter's homepage

Please feel free to comment, I will be glad for any response.

  app screen


last updates (full changelog in application, or homepage):
1.1.1 - Checks if network is available before trying to update, Checks for network problems during update
1.1.2 - if you press backspace longer it erases all 4 values, not just one you edit, switched flags for INR and IDR, thanks to user "B.R.S."
1.2.0 brought Chinese translation (simplified and traditional)
1.3.0 - Changed "About" screen - added: Change log and Tutorial

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