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Progmatic Layout help

I have been searching for hours on how to do this, but cant seem to find anything on it. Im connecting to a database and pulling down information into my app, and for each row, im adding a tablerow, and putting views into it. That parts fine, but the actual layout of the views is whats getting to me. I cant seem to find out what to use to control the layout. This is what I got

  1.                 TableLayout tl = (TableLayout)findViewById(;
  4.                 for(int i=0; i<jArray.length(); i++){
  5.                         JSONObject jData = jArray.getJSONObject(i);
  6.                         TableRow tr = new TableRow(this);
  7.                 tr.setLayoutParams(new LayoutParams(
  8.                                 LayoutParams.FILL_PARENT,
  9.                                 LayoutParams.WRAP_CONTENT));
  10.                 TextView text = new TextView(this);
  11.                 text.setText(jData.getString("title"));
  12.                 text.setLayoutParams(new LayoutParams(
  13.                                 LayoutParams.FILL_PARENT,
  14.                                 LayoutParams.WRAP_CONTENT));
  15.                 ImageView image = new ImageView(this);

more than 250 files in folder

I am developing an application that uses a sd card folder to view photos of products, but when I burn this folder in Windows Explorer, it will not accept more than 254 files in a folder, by the type of formatting of sd card.... someone managed to record more files in one folder and can give me instructions for this?

thank you.

Android development

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Adding 3D GLSurfaceView to a 2D game engine.

Basically I'm using the Rokon 2D game engine to put together a menu and game board and then the idea was to have this spawn a secondary activity that runs a GLSurfaceView that displays my .obj object that I created.

My question here is that when I finish my GLSurfaceView renderer it takes a couple seconds before it gets cleaned off the screen and in the meantime the gameLoop of the first activity has started WHILE this secondary activity is still on the screen. This causes some problems for me as I need to do some sprite movements and etc. based on what happened in the secondary activity.

Is there a way to clean up this secondary activity before I finish() it so that my gameLoop starts when the first activity is back on the screen?

Parsing a Feed from a Drupal site in Android

Hello all,

I'm just getting into Android development and I wondered if anyone could help me out with a problem I'm having.

I'm trying to create an Android app for the company I work for and one of the activities the app has to do is display an rss feed of news stories from my company's website. The news feed can be found at this web address: as you can see, it's a dynamically generated file from Drupal. Which means that the page doesn't actually exisit until you visit that web address.

I created a class that uses a WebView and I created a layout xml file that the onCreate method calls. However when I test it out, I see the actual html tags and everything, instead of a feed with links and such.

How to hide transparent window in android?

In my android application i created a transparent window that's working fine
But i want hide after the particular time
How i do that please any one help me

Video in live walllpaper


I have searched the net for ways to play video in live wallpapers. Video needs to be drawn on canvas and support transparency. Any suggestions?


Connect to Remote Database?

Hey, Im developing a web app with java servlets that can access an oracle database through the tomcat server. I am also developing an android app that I want to use to be able to display the information that is stored on this database.

I am just wondering how I do this or is it even possible with oracle & tomcat? If not what other databse/server should i use? The data will also have gps coordinates to display the items on a map.

I have seen the MySql tutorial on this site and was also wondering is this a much better way to approach this project?

Fairly new to this type of application

Thanks a mill

audio recording and analyais of voice


I have a general problem in Android2.2 platform.
I want to record an audio and want to analysis the recorded voice strength.
So for example ,if recorded voice is too soft then I should be able to analyze the data and can decide that recorded voice is very soft and same way can inspect whether voice is too loud or too strong.
How is this possible in Andoid2.2? does Android supports this feature?

Please help me.


Add my own Ads in android application

I am developing my own android application in that i want to display my own ads instead of AdMob ads is their any possibility means please explain me with code

Waiting for reply
Thanks in Advance

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