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Can we modify native contact list in android?


I have one doubt that can we modify or change native contact list in android.
can we add any our own image like or some thing like change we can do for contact list? if possible how to modify?

I want modification like when ever user register with my app the native contact list have to get modifications?

Please help me out from this doubt.
Thanks in advance..


I will like making a small application for
when launching the program a message display
type your

Connecting Android With Mysql using Php

Hello Sir....

I am new for Android Development...Now i want to connect mysql with Android using php....

I tried with the help of HTTPPOST for Hitting the URL..
and HTTPRESPONE for getting Response from the server ...But it is not connecting with php it self....

So please help me regarding this issue...

Please send any tutorial for connecting Android With Php........

Thanks in Advance.....

is there any simple app to figure out power consumption

Hi, I am new to android app development. I wanted to learn about how to display power consumption in mW of an android device. Is there already an open source app that i can see as an example. Any help would be appreciated.. Thank you

android pdf help..!!


Can anyone help me? I want to create an android app for my phone which will read pdf file on the screen.. For example magazines. The magazines are stored in the database as binary file. I already created the php file to connect to the android which works fine. I already established the connection in the java file to the database.. But i don't know. Is there an way that i can directly download or read the magazines to the screen?

Can anyone help me please?

running gdb in terminal emulator

i wrote my own terminal emulator and recently had an idea of trying to use the linux program 'gdb' on it and cant figure out how to get it to work. ive searched all over but mostly i just get results about using gdbserver/client to remotely connect to the android phone.... i want to be able to directly use gdb on the phone to attach to a running process. any help is much appreciated, thanx

How do I fade the background smoothly?

Hi all, I've been playing with Android development for a couple of weeks, on and off... and I'm trying to get the background to fade from one color to another.

I can use the following to change it in one step, and it works (note, 'screen' is the name of the LinearLayout):

  1. int p = 0x00ff00;
  2. screen.setBackgroundColor(0xff000000 + p);

but if I try the following I get nothing (the 0.01 inc is to implement a basic ugly delay to see if I could see the change - I do need to have this fade happen slowly and smoothly, so some kind of delay is needed at each step in the loop):

  1. for (int i = 0; i < 65535; i += 0.01) {
  2.     screen.setBackgroundColor(0xff000000 + i);
  3. }

Am I missing something? I'm assuming that its thread-related and that the thread is blocking the GUI while the loop is being done... but thats just a guess. I understand the basic concept of threads, but I've done no programming with them.

Problem signing application for android market.

I have a problem signing my application for android market, the file is accepted by the android market site.. It is ok to download it to the device but when installing the game it sais "packege file is not signed correctly".

I have signed the application in Eclipse, I use a key I have created in android, I have followed the steps from,

Step one: "Export unsigned application package". Do I need to name the exported package the same name as the project? The saved package is not saved with the .apk ending, is that correct?

Step two: Selecting "File

Saving and reading image from SQLite


How to save image from resource folder to SQLite and then retrieve it?

This is what I'm using for saving to SQLite but i cannot read from it.

  1. InputStream is = this.getResources().openRawResource(;
  3.         byte[] ph = (is.toString()).getBytes();
  5.         values.put("photo", bb);
  7. db.insert("tblUsers", null, values);

Thanks in advance!

how to root/getroot access on android emulator

Hi all,

I have All android SDK versions(from 1.5 to 2.3.3), and i tried many methods for getting root in android emulator. I don't use any android device and test everything on emulator(AVD).

below are my android versions and emulator specification::

Android SDK Version 1.5:
Kernel Version:
mikechan@cheetara #6
Build Number:
sdk-eng 1.5 CUPCAKE 150240 test-keys

Android SDK Version 1.6:
Kernel Version:
Build Number:
sdk-eng 1.6 Donut 20842 test-keys

Android SDK Version 2.1 update1:
Kernel Version:
Build Number:
sdk-eng 2.1-update1 ECLAIR 35983 test-keys

Android SDK Version 2.2:
Kernel Version:
Build Number:
sdk-eng 2.2 FRF91 43546 test-keys

Android SDK Version 2.3.3:
Kernel Version:
Build Number:
sdk-eng 2.3.3 GRI34 101070 test-keys

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