Multitouch and gesture detection part 2

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In my previous article I showed how to create a simple class that handles the basic gesture events such as ACTION_DOWN, ACTION_MOVE, ACTION_POINTER_DOWN, ACTION_POINTER_UP, ACTION_UP. Combinations of these, you can implement all of touch gesture stuffs thats you need in your work with a touch screen phone.

Handling multitouch
Create a boolean member variable in your MultitouchView class that stores the actual multitouch event. Name it isMultiTouch.

  1. public class MultitouchView extends View {
  2.         private boolean isMultiTouch = false;
  3.  {...}

Multitouch and gesture detection part 1

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In this little tutorial I’m going to show you how to detect multitouch event on an Activity screen.

First of all let’s create a class next to the Main activity that called MultitouchView. It extends View:

  1. public class MultitouchView extends View {
  5.         public MultitouchView(Context context) {
  6.                 super(context);
  8.         }
  10. }

Custom View - HorizontalSlider

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In this tutorial we'll create a custom View called HorizontalSlider based on ProgressBar. This slider will allow the user to move the slider back and forth on the screen and get notified when this happens.

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