Is this the first run?

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Ever wanted to have a different flow of actions on the second or third run of your app? I had that many times, in almost every project that I haver worked on. So here is a little snippet, that you can use to store, and check the fact, if this is the first run of your app. You can modify it easily, to suit your needs.

PhoneFinder - SMS Phone Locator

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In this tutorial we will create a GPS Phone Recovery application. The application will allow the user to setup a password that he or she can use to recover a lost or stolen phone. Once the user has setup the password, if they lose their phone they'll be able to send a text message to their phone from another cell phone and if the text message is formatted "SMSLOCATE:[password]" with the correct password then the phone will respond with all of the data about the phone's current location from the GPS. This includes latitude, longitude, altitude, heading, speed, and more.

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