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Applications that helps to adapt smartphone to it's owners needs

We try to make an applications which uses information about phone usage in order to give recommendations about phone setting, behavior patterns, applications which potentially can raise interest and so on.
What do you think of it?

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Video to Flash Conversion

I got a nice video and want to upload it to Facebook, but it reports that the video is too long for upload.

I aksed some friends, they told me that I need to decrease the video size, it is said that the size of flash video is comparatively smaller than AVI or MP4 video that containing the same content, I googled [url=]video to flash converter[/url]. Is this the right way can help me out?


Tool to announce arrival.

My idea of android application is :

This application would be activated by a calendar entry, showing that the phone user has an appointment somewhere (i.e. meeting friends in a town 2 hours away).

--)The application would track the phones position and register that the user is on his way to the appointment (by checking if the user is following the route of Google maps to the destination).

--)The phone would keep a status of whether the phone owner will arrive on time or be late

i am quite good at webdesign,but in android platform i am just a rookie any expert good at android please suggest me good place to start with,

my biggest doubt is

Can i use google maps API to compare mock locations i use in simulator to locations and landmarks in google maps from source point to destination point?

I await some thing useful for me to start my work...

mi pagina web

mi pagina web


New opportunities for developers

We would like to announce some great news!!
The world’s first regional Android market, APPSHOP, is opening in Hungary. At the opening phase there will be 15 million mobile users queuing up for applications.
APPSHOP is a very efficient marketing opportunity. The world’s leading mobile service providers are offering a „pay via your mobile” service too, which means customers don’t even need a bank card.
An entire country is waiting for high quality applications! Don’t miss your chance to create history with us!

The latest innovation, only at APPSHOP!
Our partner, T-Mobile now allows millions of users to charge their purchases to their monthly phone bills.
So downloading and paying for apps becomes even easier, and you don’t even need a bank card.
Why is APPSHOP so efficient?

The Best B2B Search Engine Ever!

TraDove, an abbreviation of Trade Dove, suggests a dove (or pigeon) bird that transmits trade information. We aim to solve a major business trade problem ignored by major search engines and B2B platforms. That is, help corporate buyers and sellers, large and small, to better find and connect with each other, and to facilitate trading between and among them. And that is our slogan: Find, Connect, and Trade. We are building one of the largest dedicated search engines designed to help corporate buyers find suppliers for the products and services they need. Our networks span both local and global markets. We also help corporate sellers find target buyers for the products and services they supply. With this search engine and platform, we accelerate connect- ions between company buyers and sellers and facilitate trading among them.

How to put Blu-ray DVD HD movies on HTC Flyer

The Flyer isn't part of the pack of tablets running the latest version of Google's Android software, 3.0 Honeycomb, which has been optimised for such devices. Instead, HTC has slapped its Sense custom user interface, seen on the company's smart phones, over the top of Android 2.3 Gingerbread.

With HTC Watch, HTC Flyer transforms into a portable cinema featuring a wide selection of the latest Hollywood blockbusters for on-demand viewing. And with an expansive 7" screen and superb SRS virtual surround sound, you can immerse yourself in the cinematic experience whether it's on a short break or a long drive.

It's not just the visuals that are impressive. HTC Flyer comes with dual speakers for a much richer listening and entertainment experience. Enjoy high fidelity sound with SRS WOW HD? virtual surround sound.

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