Zenex Wireless Speaker for Mobile Devices ZN-SP5986 Review

Zenex has an appropriate tag line “on the move” with products that truly are mobile. We received a wireless speaker without knowing where exactly it came from and decided it was worth a review. The wireless speaker system is a very simple device that it about the height and width of a phone and about 2-3 times as deep. This being said it is very easily taken with you on the go. See the video below for a full video review of the Zenex Wireless speaker as well as how it actually works.

Zenex Wireless Speaker for Mobile Devices Features:

The speaker system itself has 2 speakers within the box that is around 2in x 4 in x 1.5 in in size and weighs little more than the average smartphone. The speaker output is on the bottom of the device and it allows you to do nothing more than set your mobile device on top of it to amplify the speakers sound throughout an entire room. You do however have the option to plug the Zenex wireless speaker into the headphone jack if you choose although the amplification is not as great that way. The device comes with a microUSB cable with a normal USB connection to charge via a computer and a headphone jack to plug into the device you are playing from. This particular speaker system also has a rechargeable battery which is a bonus on these types of devices.

Zenex ZN-SP5986 Listed Features:

  • No wires or pairing
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Play music on your device with speaker on
  • Dual stereo speakers
  • Amplies the devices sound 10X
  • Works with most media devices with external speakers
  • Great for parties or social gatherings

Everything shown and said above proves that it is a pretty cool device that does exactly what it says. We would like to add that we have been using the device regularly (about 9 hours of continuos use) and have yet to recharge it. Once we find out where this device came from and a price we will be sure to post it here. We have looked on Zenex’s website and its nowhere to be found. Anyone with any insight please drop us a comment and let us know where others can get this unit.

Via Android-Advice