Would You Like A CyanogenMod App Store For Rooted Apps? The CM Crew Is Asking...

cyanogenWe have been pushed around for too long! The time has come to rebel against the iron fist of the carriers! Root users unite!
The Cyanogenmod Team is thinking about building an app store. "Ugh, another app store?" you say? Hold on a minute, there's some serious merit to this one. This is an app store for rooted apps. Rooted apps that the carriers hate and frequently remove from the Android Market.

Koush (CM dev, and creator of Rom Manager and other fun apps) lays out his list of grievances thusly: "Apps removed from the Market includes, one click root apps, emulators, tether apps, Visual Voicemail apps, and more. These are all completely legal (Nintendo emulators are fine, ROMs are NOT, there is a distinction)."

He's got an excellent point. When carriers (and Google) abuse their removal power to just arbitrarily remove things they don't like, it's time to do something about it.
Koush initially approached Amazon with the idea, and they turned him down, so currently the plan is to do it themselves. (Amazon stands to lose a lot from people rooting Kindles.)
The store wouldn't be CM exclusive or anything, any ROM would be free to include it. And chances are it'll be open source (It is CyanogenMod, after all). CyanogenMod would take a cut of the proceeds, the same way Google does, to fund their rapidly growing server farm, and store upkeep.
The CM Crew would like to know what you think of this idea on their Google+ page. Have at it.

Source: AndroidPolice