World of Cheese - Game Review

world of cheeseWe are quite sure you have some new device after the Christmas time and here we are, with one tip and small review for a game, which you should try. It is titled as World of Cheese but do not expect some wiki about sorts of cheese. The game is second step of Alda Games from Czech Republic on its way to beat world of game industry.

World of Cheese is presented as point-and-click puzzle adventure which is true. You take a role of a small mouse which is forced to enter the huge house. Reason is simple – Mr Mousey and his friend are running out of food. And guess what is hidden in the dark corners of mysterious house. Yeah, surprisingly it is cheese.

world of cheese

Controlling the game is simpler as simple, just really tapping on the screen. Each tap counts as move and your secondary task (priority is finding a yellow titbit) to use as minimum moves as possible. Not just for to feel good but also beat your friends in Top Players chart.

Graphics is good enough for this kind of games, touching especially for children audience. By the way, this is probably the target group of the game. I do not want to say that adults won´t have fun (levels require logic thinking and some puzzles are really difficult even for adult) but children, or rather family with small kids will enjoy World of Cheese the most.

world of cheese

What can be found as little bit disturbing is music which is after a few minutes of playing too repetitive. Sound design of environment is great and if you turn off the music, you will definitely find the game as a great weapon for fight with boredom in transport or waiting rooms. And for free.

Just download it on Google Play.