Will a Fresh E-Commerce Store Benefit You?

The internet has changed a lot since it was first designed in 1983 and then launched in 1990. Undoubtedly, it will change from what we know it as today in small but important ways over time. As such, you cannot expect your website to exist in a static sphere. You need to improve upon it on a regular basis. From updates that improve performance and capabilities, to a complete overhaul for the design, there are many ways that to update your site.

If, however, your site is years old and hasn’t been updated in a long time, the only way forward is to give it a complete overhaul. A fresh e-commerce store can benefit your company in so many ways:

Questions to Ask Yourself

To help you determine whether your store needs a fresh face or not, ask yourself these questions:

About Your Store:

• Are Sales Dwindling?
• What are Your Cost-Benefits?
• Do You Operate Beyond Your Local Community?

A drop in sales or a lack of sales is a huge indicator that something is wrong with your platform and marketing tactics. To determine whether or not your website is to blame you will need to look at your Google Analytics.

About Your Website:

• Are You Getting a Lot of Sales, Calls, or Hires on it?
• What is Your Bounce Rate Like?

If your site’s performance isn’t what it used to be, or is far lower than what you need it to be to succeed, then it needs to be improved. A complete overhaul is not needed for slight dips in performance.

How to Create a Fresh Look for Your E-Commerce Store

Once you know for sure that your site needs a fresh look, you will want to follow these steps:

1. Understand Its Problem Areas

Commit a website audit on your site today so that you can determine what problem areas you need to address first.

2. Choose a Strong E-Commerce Platform

There are a variety of e-commerce platforms out there to choose from. From Shopify to Ecommerce, there are a variety of providers out there to suit your needs. Choose the right one and the right plan for your company, and then pick the theme.

3. Get a New Theme

If your site is old and outdated, it will look suspicious to customers. If your theme is old, after all, what’s there to say your site security isn’t outdated as well? Update with a new theme that is powerful, customizable, and even able to be interacted with.

4. Hire Professionals to Set It Up

Themes are great. They make quick, cost-effective work of setting up your own website and e-commerce platform, but that does not mean they are necessarily easy to get perfect. Novices can absolutely get the look they want, of course, but only if they are willing to put in a lot of hours and have the benefit of a learning curve. Businesses often need to get their site right from the get-go, so it is best to hire professional developers like those over at blackbeltcommerce.com.

Once your e-commerce store has a fresh face and is ready to go, you can work on re-launching your site. It will be hard work, but now that your site is beautiful and attractive to customers your marketing efforts should start to pay off.