Why does the font look so small in the code sniplets in the tutorials?

The code sniplets, and this entire site, uses "em" units for fonts. What this means is that we define the font size based on the size that you or your system has defined as the default size for each type of font. For example "1em" means that it will use your default system font size.

This is the best practice, especially for accessibility to users who need to display larger fonts. I have noticed that on Windows with Firefox the fixed width fonts on one of my systems were very small.

To change the system font size in Firefox:
Tools -> Options -> Content (tab) -> Advanced
Here you can select the font and size for your monospace fonts.
Note: In Bon Echo look under "Edit -> Preferences" instead.

If you are having a similar problem in another browser you should be able to find the option for system font size somewhere.