Which country is the most crazy about Android?

picLast week Google announced that 10 billion apps per month are being downloaded from the Android Market, and subsequently started their 10 Days of Apps promotion. But in that official announcement was a nice infographic about which countries are crazy about Android apps. Here they are:

10. Norway.
9. Netherlands.
8. Denmark.
7. Israel.
6. Sweden.
5. Singapore.
4. United States – some analysis would suggest that the Apple App Store eats into the U.S.’s ranking more than any other country, though the Android Market’s growth is faster than the App Store so we’ll see how long it takes to jump the rankings.
3. Taiwan – home of Acer.
2. Hong Kong – home of HTC.
1. South Korea – not surprising given that Samsung and LG make their home there


What is interesting in this list is that some notable European countries (UK, Germany, France) were missing as were the biggest mobile phone markets of China and India.

Source: LandOfDroid