Whatever You Do, Don't Use Your HTC One X As A Hammer Like This Guy Did

1Your smartphone can be a lot of things. One thing it should not ever be is a hammer. The guy in the video below disagrees with my opinion that the HTC One X is not, in fact, a hammer. As you can see, he has a serious nail problem and, as the saying goes, "When all you have is a nail, all your HTC One Xes look like hammers." Or something like that.

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The phone appears to be unharmed, despite being smashed in the face with a nail by a very sadistic Chinese man 151 times. Yes, I counted. Each blow hurt my soul. However, even though this phone survived, you should not ever, ever, ever bludgeon a nail with the sexy screen of an HTC One X.

If, however, you are a crazy person, or a rich person, or a rich, crazy person that has no regard for your One X, and you decide that you must attempt to obliterate a nail with the full extent of your wrath, channeled through your One X like a minimalist Mjölnir, please make sure you do so safely film it for us all to see.

Via: AndroidPolice