[Videos] Android Bootcamp 2012 Offers Over 20 Hours Of Android Web Development Instruction – Free On YouTube

developmentMarakana, a company that's been "helping IT professionals get better at what they do" since 2001, has been busy (since January) releasing the latest series of videos in its Android Bootcamp franchise, this time updated for Ice Cream Sandwich development.

For those not familiar, Android Bootcamp is a series of videos aimed at those looking to learn Android development. Some may remember a similar project by TheNewBoston, though Marakana has broken its set of tutorials into much larger chunks, with the 2012 series currently totaling 29 videos (that's over 20 hours of free instruction).

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The videos are extremely comprehensive, and cover everything from security to threading to Android UI design. Each video promises to prime viewers with enough information to get them ready for the next entry in the series.

If you're interested in getting into Android development and haven't yet found an instructional medium that feels right, Marakana's Android Bootcamp may be just what you need. Those interested in this awesome series can access the full playlist here.

Via AndroidPolice