[Video]GSM Arena Try Out a Leaked Galaxy SII ICS ROM – See How It Went

The team over at GSM Arena have, with the help of SamMobile, been able to test a leaked version of the ICS ROM for the Galaxy SII handset.

Take a look at this video to see how it went…

Now that you have seen the video do you want it? Well before we provide the link to what you need you need to know what GSM Arena thought about it.

Now we guess you could use that as your everyday ROM, but we don’t think it really worth it at this point. The newly added features aren’t all that many and they aren’t enough to make up for all the performance glitches. Then again, having an ICS ROM on your Galaxy S II months before everyone else will give you some bragging rights and that might be worth something as well.

OK now your ready so here it is: SamMobile

Source: LandOfDroid