[Video] Stuntmen Just Jumped Out Of An Airplane, Biked Across Rooftops And Rappelled Down Buildings To Introduce Google Glass

google_glassWe've been hearing things about Google Glass, the Google-powered eyeball accessory, for a while now. While the device isn't quite ready for consumers (and won't be for a while), we got an extensive look at what these devices can do... right after Google-hired stuntmen jumped out of an airplane while on a Glass-based Hangout, then proceeded to bike across rooftops, rappel down the side of the Moscone Conference Center, and finally bike into the I/O keynote to deliver the device on stage to Sergey Brin. This is the first product announcement in recent memory where someone could have feasibly died during a demo. Bad-ass.

Here's a video of some of their practice jumps:

We still haven't gotten a demo of how the UI works, although Sergey hinted that showing it off would be difficult to accomplish. Nevertheless, it is nothing short of awe-inspiring to see a live, group video feed from 10,000 feet in the air. The device is certainly powerful.

Of course, such a dramatic paradigm shift is not so easily accomplished, and Google, the company best known for being open to letting users beta test its unfinished products, is being remarkably timid with Glass. The device is going to be made available to non-Google personnel, but only those in attendance at Google I/O, and for the cost of $1500.

This is clearly not a consumer device just yet. We still have a long ways to go before us plebeians get our hands on them. However, Google is not making any secret of its desire to get the world's info as close to your brain as possible.
And with product demos like today's show, it's hard not to get excited.

Via: AndroidPolice