UR Launcher - Now with Football Cup themed 3D wallpaper

UR Launcher is a launcher for Android that offers its users 3D live wallpapers and themes. It also offers a handy sidebar to access your most recently used apps. Overall this launcher allows one to customize their Android phone to their tastes.

After you have downloaded UR Launcher, which can be found through this link or the QR code at the bottom of this article, you will select the 3D wallpaper of your choice. There are currently 13 live 3D wallpapers to choose from.

The most recent one is 3D Football Cup Live Theme. Users can support their team through changing country flags, team uniforms, ball colors, turf material, and more. They are able to further customize their wallpaper by adding their name to team jerseys and by choosing the text for ad banners.

Users can also keep track of the latest scores for real-time games. They can add their teams to keep track of every game played. All countries participating in the FIFA World Cup™ are included as well, and users can even add multiple teams.

UR launcher

Aside from this theme, UR Launcher’s 3D themes are inspired from jungle birds, sports cars, zombies, dragons, space, beaches, and the ocean to name a few.

Each theme is interactive containing multiple viewpoints to discover “you world.” You can interact with various aspects of the environment and add custom text or pictures if you would like.

UR laucher menu

Other features include the side bar mentioned earlier, which allows you to access frequently used settings and recent apps. The settings allow you to remove the sidebar and the sound that comes with it. There is also a search bar where you can search the internet or your phone, and settings include enabling or disabling it. A Recommended Apps widget is also included and is based on your usage; this widget can also be removed to fit the needs of the user.

UR laucher menu

The UR Launcher team is also working on two new features; UR Messenger and UR Moods. UR Messenger is a sms messenger service that offers friends to chat, send sms messages, and include custom emoticons. UR Launcher will soon be compatible with all existing icon packs on the Google Play Store as well.

UR Moods allows users to personalize their phone according to different profiles throughout the day. There will be several profiles, or moods, such as UR Work, UR Car, UR Sport, etc. During the day, UR Moods will know where you are, whether it is at work or during the weekend for instance, and suggest appropriate apps one would use in that specific setting.

As mentioned before, the UR Launcher team is currently working on these two features; hopefully they are released soon. Until then, it offers customization through its various 3D live themes.

UR laucher menu