Upcoming Nexus device to be made by Motorola?

Motorola Nexus

The title got you intrigued? You’re not the only one, same goes for me as well. Many people would like for something like this to come to fruition. Motorola is allegedly working on yet another device we didn’t know about, as you know Moto X+1 is expected to launch soon, this summer in fact.

According to Android Police’s information, Motorola is working on a next Nexus device codenamed “Shamu”. So, here’s the gist. The device is allegedly going to sport a 5.9″ device which is kind of fishy and I personally hope it isn’t true, but hey, some people would appreciate it. Fingerprint sensor should also be a part of the package and the device itself is expected to launch in a November time frame.

So, how legit is this? Well, we don’t know. Although Google codename “Shamu” goes hand in hand with Google’s previous codenames when it comes to Google devices and that codename did appear in Google’s issue tracker.

I personally would really love to see Motorola made Nexus device, although a screen that big would definitely push me away and make me not buy it. How about you?

Via: AndroidGuys