Ubuntu Touch OS version 1.0 Set to go Live on October 17

ubuntuIn the current war of OS's, we see a new OS every six month's interval, which is not very shocking either. We have seen some great team of developers, getting huge startups from big startup companies, and hence we are seeing more and more OS months after month. From MacOS to AndroidOS, the choice of OS is very large and never-ending. And, to heat up the competition, we saw earlier this year about plans of Ubuntu to move into mobile industry with their Ubuntu Touch OS. We have seen some of it's earlier build images running on Nexus range of devices and some other top-notch devices though they weren't stable enough.

“As of today, we are exactly one month away from the release of Saucy Salamander. As part of that release, Ubuntu is committed to delivering an image of Ubuntu-touch, ready to install on supported devices,” Ubuntu’s Nicholas Skaggs wrote in a blog post.

The Ubuntu Touch OS's Apps seems to be a hit among Android developers, as you can see most of the developers are heavily interested in porting Ubuntu based apps to other phones. More specifically, the Ubuntu Locker and the Slide Drawer. The theme and other Ubuntu centered apps have also been ported to many devices.

ubuntu touch

There is still no hearsay upon when will we get our first Ubuntu centered phone, but it is more likely to be appear before early-2014 at least.

Canonical is also reporting that they are getting a tons of queries from different manufacturers in the wake of recent its high-profile Ubuntu Edge crowd-funding campaign, which resulted in failure. So chances are there that we might see some specifications gets chalked in the distant future.

To remind you once again, this will be the version 1.0 of the OS which is said to be the stablest version in the history of OS with much optimisations and new apps for enriching your Ubuntu Experience.

Source : PCWorld