Turn Your Android Device into a Wireless Storage Device (Droid NAS)

1Droid NAS can turn your Android device into a wireless storage device assuming you use a MAC or other Android device to access it. Having to find a micro USB cable to plug your Android device into a computer is just a hassle. Even with applications like Dropbox and Box.net, while helping to make things easier still doesn’t make it as easy as it could be. Now Droid NAS makes wireless storage easy and accessible.

The Droid NAS app uses the SMB protocol which Windows currently cannot connect to via a non-standard port which means MAC or other Android devices are all you can connect with currently. Droid NAS is free on the Google Play store so go ahead and give it a shot. It’s not the best solution out there but is easily a great one. Let us know what you think via comments below.


Via: www.android-advice.com