Transparent Jeans for easy mobile usage

Yes, I kid you not. Transparent jeans. When you don’t want to go to the trouble of pulling out your favorite plaything, you need a pair of Delta415 Wearcom jeans. They’re not completely transparent of course, but they do have a transparent pocket that allows access to your touchscreen phone without removing it. Your handset can be covered with a zipped piece of cloth when not in use.

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The jeans can only handle phones up to 3″ x 5″, so don’t try squeezing a Samsung Galaxy S3 or Galaxy Note into these bad boys, and priced at $160 they don’t come cheap. You could also attract some strange looks if you’re seen vigorously swiping under the table. However I guess if you’re a biker or want to cheat in exams, these jeans could prove useful.

Source: Phandroid via LandOfDroid