Top Business Benefits of Android for Enterprise

android businessFinding a new market and exploring business perspective is becoming a challenge for any organization. The survival and success of any enterprise are influenced by their capability to respond to the competing pressures. Sometimes it can be achieved through state-of-the-art technique, change in business environment, strategic capability of an organization, cultural and political context, skilled labor and their competence.

Many enterprises are still wondering whether Android platform is right for their business needs or not. For getting something, you have to dig and explore new things out of it. These top benefits (Your office anywhere, cloud storage services, print wherever, Grab & Go, Emoji everywhere, total messages at the same place, a smarter caller ID, the future is calling, optimizing memory and improving your touchscreen, a work of art, and Google Now, Bluetooth MAP support, Chromecast support, Chrome web view, Closed captioning, Device management built-in, Downloads app redesign, Easy home screen switching, Email app refresh, Full-screen wallpapers with preview, HDR+ photography, Infrared blasting, Location in Quick Settings, Location modes and monitoring, Low-power audio playback, Music and movie-seeking from the lock screen, Secure app sandboxes, Step counting built-in, Tap to pay, built a new way and Touchscreen improvements.) of Android primarily for marketers that bring business to their enterprises.

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The marketing executive can find drastic changes that make Android a favorite device for businesses. From a business point of view, Google made changes to the dialer to link it to Google Plus. The search box feature enables marketers to search for new businesses. For an example, if you type a few letters, then the search box will bring up matching business locations.
Here are the top five benefits of Android from a business perspective (primarily for prospective application developers).

Provides an Ideal Platform for Enterprise

With a rich set of libraries, Android applications can do wonders. It is written in Java and any developer, who has the expertise, can get Android applications up and running with relative ease. Enterprises can get the Java resource easily from the market. The applications built on the Android platform are meeting the user’s expectations and also fulfilling the marketing demands.

Distribution Mechanisms

Applications are reaching their target audiences in several innovative ways. It can be distributed and managed like other mobile platforms. The growing mobility trend has helped businesses connect with their customers in a more personalized manner. An enterprise can use any number of distribution channels for vertical markets. Developers can use third party applications stores, tools, plug-ins, and state-of-the-art infrastructure to build unified solutions for their enterprise. Enterprises have a number of options, as there is no controlled marketplace from a third party store that can restrict the enterprise to flourish.

Open To Developers

Mobile application developers can develop a proactive enterprise solution in a very cost-effective way because Android is an open source, without any license or royalty fee. Android has the largest mobile browsing market share and provide a right platform, which is very compelling for handset manufacturers and wireless operators. Moreover, Android is the right choice for enterprises that need customized integration into their apps or want to explore various new markets. Let’s learn more about their market share:

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Inter-Application Integration

Do enterprises have a suite of applications in their mind? Are they willing to integrate them or cross promote them? If your answer is yes, then Android is the right mobile platform for inter-application and inter-process architectures. Android is more competitive due to its trustworthy relationship between their applications and their tightly knit experience for users. Android’s inter-application integration feature enables the developers to build unified apps, which suits enterprise requirements.

Features with Low Barrier

Enterprises can enter into the Android platform with low barrier. It is an open source and hence does not require any costly fees or development tools. Moreover, developers can easily build their applications without spending a dime. For any application development process, test devices, and royalty fees are the primary investments that make the application costly. Enterprises can leverage Android's capabilities by tapping into the latest trends and delivering solutions best suited for their operations.

It’s Time to Take Initiative

Going through all the advantages of Android, the enterprises are the right judge, who can decide whether they have to go with Android platform or choose other mobile platform for their solutions. However, the entire features about the Android platform will compel users to consider Android Mobility Solutions for their organization.

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