Top 11 Android Mobile Apps for Healthcare Professionals


Going by the latest survey, the burgeoning number of smartphones sales across the globe gives you a clear impression that it is no longer a luxury to own a smartphone, as it is all set to be an integral part of our lives and everything related to it including healthcare.

We all are aware about the crucial role mobile applications play in streamlining the everyday activities and making every tools available at our fingertips. Mobile application for doctors and those related to the healthcare sector can be a big boon as it will help resource useful information from medical journals and textbooks, to revolutionizing the way health care is bestowed and the approach in which ailments and diseases are diagnosed.

Better Accessibility helps Save Time

Healthcare apps are a great asset for the medical fraternity as well as patients alike as they can easily access the medical benefits anywhere and anytime virtually and in adverse health conditions, helping save precious life. Also, it helps medical practitioners save time and cater to more patients as they can now save time spent attending to each patient. Mobile apps helps you streamline the diagnosis process by virtually sharing X-rays and readings taken by a medical app and receiving the required medical advice for your health issues.

Increases Efficiency with Better Patient Health Management Tools

Mobile apps in healthcare sectors helps improve efficiency in workflow mainly by creating better communication between patients and healthcare providers. It is a seamless process where medical practitioners easily and quickly get to access patient information keyed in by the patient and provide speedy treatment.

There are a range of healthcare or medical applications that sums up as great patient health management tools like apps to monitor and log your blood sugar levels, hypertension, and even monitor side effects. Moreover, there are also apps to remind when a patient needs to take their pills, besides navigating to the nearest healthcare facility or OTC pharmacy so as to refill their prescription.


epocrates1. Epocrates

Epocrates is an essential, user-friendly drug reference app consisting of easy-to-learn features like the pill identifier, medical calculators, and drug interaction checker. Besides being free, Epocrates is one of the most popular medical apps for amongst physicians and students alike.

qxmd2. Calculate by QxMD

Calculate app by QxMD scores highly in popularity because of its great user interface and aesthetically appealing design. Here, each calculator in the application as it progresses through a number of screens, poses a question to the user to comprehend the score or value of interest. It also allows referencing medical literature by offering citations and links from PubMed to the information tab.

skyscape3. Skyscape Medical Resources

Skyscape is a high-quality, all-in-one app for Android that offers access to a robust selection of medical calculators (Archimedes), medical news alerts (periodically updated), select practice guidelines, and access to paid textbooks. Moreover, Skyscape also offers healthcare professionals and students’ access to solid drug references (RxDrugs) and disease monographs (Outlines in Clinical Medicine).

eponyms4. Eponyms

Eponyms – the medical app is named after “eponyms” the term referring to medical phrases or pathologies that are named after key people. The apps consists of over 1,700 of the most popular Eponyms and is a great resource to both healthcare professionals and student of medicine alike as it is nearly impossible to remember eponyms.

medscape5. Medscape

Medscape is a comprehensive medical app or more appropriately a drug reference app, available for Android This app provides a huge amount of free content that includes 7,000+ drug references, 3,500+ disease clinical references, 2,500+ clinical images and procedure videos, robust drug interaction tool checker, CME activities, to name a few. The app also comes along with instructional medical procedure videos and pictures.

mpr6. Monthly Prescribing Reference

The Monthly Prescribing Reference or MPR application is considered to be the most widely used drug reference by medical professionals. This app allows you to classify drugs by treatment category, similar to the print version. It also help prescribe notes and drug monographs outline useful information for clinical practice.

bmi calculator7. BMI Calculator

Body Mass Index (BMI) calculator is a free app useful for healthcare professionals as well as for regular use by individuals. All you need to do is just feed your weight and height into the box given, and the app instantly calculates your BMI and displays it on your screen. It also provides additional comparative values of normal weight, overweight, obesity, and morbid obesity.

dorlands medical8. Dorland’s Medical DictionaryTR

This medical dictionary app features short, concise definitions for an extensive variety of terms used in health sciences. Moreover, it also includes a quick search option to find the terms easily and a favorite’s feature to insert your own categories and words.

medpage9. MedPage Today

MedPage Today app is a simple, easy-to-use yet robust application for delivering medical news as per your relevant sub-specialty interest, where each category menu opens to reveal recent medical news stories in text and occasionally audio formats.

The legitimacy to the news article is further enhanced by its content partnership with the University Of Pennsylvania School Of Medicine. Besides offering article reading facility, CME activities are also presented in text, video, and audio form.

calorie counter10. Calorie Counter by FatSecret

This robust application is great for recommending patients about diet and exercise, as it includes almost every kind of food category. The app also allows you to scan barcodes with your camera, while it helps you to identify the type of food along with allocating the appropriate calories.

idoo11. idoo – Fitness Workouts

This is a perfect fitness and personal trainer app to perform workouts effectively at home that saves your valuable time and energy needed in gym sessions. The personal trainer will introduce you to different warm-up exercises and workouts. You can keep a check on your burned calories and performance. With the idoo account you can also keep the track records of history and win points (that can be used in app upgrade). This app also allows to select own exercise and set exercise goals.

Which is your most favourite medical application for Android?

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