Three awesome apps to keep an eye out for

2013 was a great year for Android, a lot of great devices hit the market, and more importantly, apps were more beautiful and exciting as ever. Fortunately, the trend continues, it looks like this year will be awesome as well, there are quite a few promising applications in sight. Let’s take a look at three of these - Budgetly, Ready and Distilled are hitting the Play Store in the near future, with a good chance of getting popular.


Budgetly is a budget and personal finance app, with a super easy way of managing your income and expenses. Adding new transactions is like sending a tweet, for example #coffee $1.95 Starbucks means you just spent almost two dollars on coffee at Starbucks. Besides hashtags, you can also use plus signs - these represent income, for example #paycheck +$500. The app is in early beta, you’ll need Android 4.0 to run it; you can subscribe here.



Ready is a beautiful contact list, aimed at enhancing the phonebook experience (full disclosure: I work for Ready). Besides looking gorgeous, the app also offers smart features, like showing emails, events, calls and messages related to the selected person, offering quick actions after calls, and a quick way to save new contacts. Ready is in private beta, looking for people to try it out - you can join the community here.


Next stop: Distilld. Distilld is the whiskey lovers’ dream - a buying guide, a journal and a community squeezed into one single app. The app connects distilleries, whiskey enthusiasts, bars and shops, and can be used also to discover and explore. The application will be in beta soon, you can subscribe here.


Andras Kindler is a seasoned Android developer always on the lookout for new tech, working currently on Ready. Feel free to connect with him via Twitter (@andraskindler) or email ( anytime.