Swiftkey updated - Free to use

swiftkeySwiftKey, the hugely popular keyboard replacement app for Android phones and tablets, has just received a major update. The biggest news here is that the app is now completely free to download and use from the Play Store, giving more people a chance to see what all the fuss is about.

Rather than charging for the keyboard itself, SwiftKey will instead offer users the ability to purchase themes for it inside the app. You’d be forgiven for thinking this sounds a bit unfair on people who’ve paid for the app prior to this update, but SwiftKey is hoping to alleviate those concerns by offering a pack of 10 premium themes for free to those customers. They’ve also given the keyboard a new redesigned default theme called Nickel.

swiftkey smartspace

In addition to becoming free and launching their theme store, this update brings with it a bunch of features which users of the recent beta versions will be familiar with. These include emoji support (including the ability to suggest an emoji based on what you’re typing), an optional number row, improved prediction and support for a few new languages.

screen1 screen2 screen3

Via: LandOfDroid