Speed Up Your Gadgets with These Top Tips

Most people in the world now have at least one gadget; it could be a mobile phone, a tablet or a computer. We use these gadgets to do a lot of the things in our daily lives such as check emails, write letters and even communicate with other people around the world.

Unfortunately, no matter which type of gadget you have, they can all experience times when they slow down. Knowing how you can fix them prevents you having to wait for ages while it loads your next web page.

Delete Unwanted Applications

Both PC’s and mobile gadgets can suffer from too many applications on the system. It especially applies to those that run in the background where you cannot see them. These applications use up your RAM and make running other applications difficult.

The best way to prevent this from happening is to routinely go through your applications and programs to see what you no longer use. If it doesn’t need to be there, then delete it to make room for something else.

Manage Your Media

Another reason that phones, in particular, can slow down is that they fill up with all those photos you have taken. It can happen quite quickly, and you may not realize how much memory you are using.

To free up some space, you can delete unwanted photos, or back them up to another device. Another alternative is to have them uploaded to the cloud as you are taking them, then you can delete them from your phone straight away.

Add More Storage or Memory

If your phone or tablet is running slowly or doesn’t have enough room for any more applications, then adding more storage should help. Of course, this applies to those phones that can have its storage upgraded.

For a PC, the situation is slightly easier, because you can not only add more computer memory, you can also add an external hard drive. In most cases, a slow running PC needs more available RAM or fewer processes running.
There are apps that can free up RAM on your phone and tablet; they stop background processes but need to be often run to keep it clear.

Anti-Virus Software

In some cases, your mobile or PC may have picked up a virus or other malware that is slowing down your system by taking up all the available room. You may not even know your gadget is infected until it slows down.

There are good anti-virus applications for both mobiles and PC’s, and they can find any infection and remove it. Having your antivirus running all the time can also slow down some processes, but it helps to prevent unwanted infections.

Factory Reset

If all else fails, you may need to do a complete factory reset of your phone or tablet. Before doing so, you should back-up all your data and images, or you will lose them all.

Unfortunately, in some cases, if your PC or mobile is getting old, it might not be able to keep running new programs or applications. In this case, a newer gadget might be the solution.