Sony Releases Beta ICS ROM For Unlockable Xperia Play Models

xperia playIn a time when many users are wondering if an Android 4.0 update will ever come to their devices, it was a pleasant surprise that Sony was open enough to release a beta version of ICS for some of their devices - the Xperia Arc S, Neo V, and Ray. But they didn't stop there, as they have, "upon request," released a beta ICS ROM for the Xperia Play (or as you may know it, the PlayStation Phone).

As with the previous releases, this is certainly far from a final release. A number of features are missing, most notably Google Apps and Wi-Fi, though Sony says that most "basic functionality" is working. Their goal by releasing this is to have power users and developers see what is working and what isn't, particularly when it comes to games. Sony offers users several ways to submit feedback, and advises that users should try to answer these questions when testing out a game with the beta ROM:

Game title:
What was your general impression?
Did the buttons work properly?
Did the touch pads work properly?
Did you experience any lagging?
Any other feedback?

For more information on how to download and apply the update, hit the source link below - but keep in mind that this only applies to devices that are unlockable via Sony's official tool, and some models will not be able to participate due to carrier limitations.

While this beta will have no effect on the vast majority of Xperia Play owners, it is nice to see a manufacturer putting extra effort into appeasing the community, and remaining open on the development of new updates. If only other manufacturers would follow their lead.

Source: Sony Developer World Via: AndroidPolice