Sony’s Xperia Tablet Set To Stun Us

xperia tablet

Here we see pictures of the upcoming Sony Xperia tablet, and it looks like Sony means business. There are only three leaked pictures but with these, we see further confirmation that this WILL be an Xperia tablet (Not that this was ever doubted).

Firstly, on the home screen there is the same wave background that has become commonly known as the default theme on the Xperia smartphones. Further proof comes from an image of the back of the tablet containing the word Xperia.

xperia tablet pic xperia tablet image

From what can be seen it appears the wedge shape of the old Sony Tablet S has be thrown in the trash. There is only a slight likeness in the design of this new tablet, with what looks like could be a clip on the top of the device. We also see that the device will be two tone in colour with a black front and silver back. Although this leak is smaller than the previous one, it seems the Xperia tablet is truely shaping up to be something great.

Source XDA developers Via LandOfDroid