Social Phonebook TrueCaller Now Available on Android

1Truecaller offers a worldwide name and number lookup for your Android device for absolutely free. It allows you too match phone numbers to names, addresses, social networks and images. It ties in with Facebook and LinkedIn to bring you the most relevant information about the person calling you. The address book also automatically updates if someone changes a number. The service already has 3 million users worldwide and looks to expand even more with the added Android platform.

Check out the Press Release for more information:

TrueCaller Brings More Available, Relevant and Accurate Caller ID to Android
STOCKHOLM (8 May 2012) TrueCaller, the new global social phone book, announced today that TrueCaller for smartphones is now available on mobile devices with the Android operating system.

Owners of Android devices can now benefit from the TrueCaller caller ID application that connects phone number directories from all over the world into one easy-to-use app, for free. TrueCaller protects users from spam calls and enables them to search half a billion phone numbers worldwide.

Recently TrueCaller reached three million users, becoming one of the most popular caller ID smartphone applications.

The main features of TrueCaller for Android are:

  • Global Number Lookup service enables users to search and find people from around the world.
  • Caller ID functionality instantly shows the identity of unknown callers from abroad, anywhere in the world a call is received.
  • Call Filter protects and warns users of fraud, spam and unwanted calls. If a call is received from any of the fraud, spam or unwanted numbers that TrueCaller has listed, a notification will appear to warn of the potentially unwanted call. Users can then choose to answer or block the call.

About TrueCaller

TrueCaller aims to provide relevant information about the people users are communicating with by connecting them to the sources they trust. Three million users have discovered the easy way to see who the caller is. TrueCaller is the most used Caller ID application on the market with social media integrations and intelligent call blocking functionality against spam calls.

True Software Scandinavia AB was founded in July 2009 and launched the service TrueCaller shortly thereafter. TrueCaller has grown rapidly and today serves users in countries from all around the world. With millions of submissions received and ever expanding, the TrueCaller Crowd-Sourced Addressbook offers the most complete coverage of phone numbers available today.

True Software Scandinavia AB is a privately held company located in Stockholm, Sweden. For further information please visit:

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