SIP VoIP working on Android

Arjun Roychowdhury has been working on getting mjsip working on Android so that you can make VoIP phone calls using SIP (Session Initiation Protocol). Looks like they have gotten it ported and you can connect to another user. If you would like to see it in action there is a screen cast of the emulator connecting to an X-Lite softphone.

Here are some details from their blog:

  • We have taken the GPL’d mjsip SIP stack and our objective is to make it work on android (this is mostly a porting activity). We are not writing our own stack.
  • We are not doing any optimizations, etc. The scope is exactly what I wrote - make mjsip work on android, so developers can use the mjsip APIs to build apps in android.
  • It is a very straighforward ‘take from community (GPL/mjsip), give back to community (post ported code back to GPL/mjsip)’ activity.
  • We are targetting to release the port in a week or so… (as-is - as I mentioned the objective is straighforward -a port of mjsip - if it has bugs when you do funky stuff , fix it yourself when we release it )

This will be great for international calling!

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