Self Repairing Protectors by Toray Advanced Film


Self Repairing film after taking on 20,000 scratches. I know we need a video but we just don't have one.

Toray Advanced Film Co. LTD. announced that they have developed a “Self-cure Coat Film” that can repair small scratches within around 10 seconds. Till now Toray has only supplied a few applications like decorative films for laptops but plan to now hit the mobile device market. This means that your phone under normal use could resist scratched completely and look new forever. Toray Advanced Film had a few things to say about the innovative self repairing film.

“We aim to achieve sales of ¥2 billion (approx US$24.3 million) in 2014″
“Because the self-repairing layer has a high viscosity and elasticity as well as cushioning characteristics, it self-repairs minute scratches”

At room temperatures the scratches applied to the film vanish within a 10 second window and time increases at colder temperatures. The film is around 125um thick but can be thicker upon request. The film was tested with 20,000 scratches and repaired them all.

“We confirmed that there is no problem by testing it about 20,000 times in succession.”

The film is to be shown at the Technology Expo in Tokyo from April 11-13. If your anywhere around the Expo please shoot us a video or at least a link to one. This looks to be the next innovation in mobile technology from a “keep it looking new” standpoint.