Samsung Sent Out Invites To A Galaxy S III Launch Event, Slated For May 3rd In London

samsungWhile we're still keeping a raised eyebrow on this one, it looks like Samsung has sent out invitations to an event where they'll launch the Galaxy S III. Mark your calendars for May 3rd, and set your time zones for London time. Beyond those two tidbits of information, we have very little else to go on. Just take a look at the invite, sent to, for yourself, here's the full invite:


Most interestingly is that Samsung has not attached a name to this device yet. Hopefully Samsung isn't going the Apple route and removing any significant identifying information from their product names. The "new Galaxy S" is the last thing we need in Samsung's convoluted naming schemes. In any case, May 3rd is just seventeen days away, so we won't have to wait long to see what we'll be calling this device.

And as if that wasn't enough, @SamsungMobile just tweeted this same image to super extra double confirm that this is totally legit.

Source: Tweakers via AndroidPolice