Samsung Retools Galaxy Note 10.1 To Include Slot For S-Pen (In Addition To A Quad-Core Processor)

noteOne of the most surprising things about the Galaxy Note 10.1's appearance at MWC was not that it included Samsung's magical S-Pen peripheral, but the fact that the device lacked a slot to store the advanced stylus.

Those familiar with the original Galaxy Note will remember that it features a convenient slot to house the S-Pen, ensuring that the stylus would always stick with the device, thereby encouraging users to, well, use it.

At a recent Samsung event, it was discovered that Sammy has retooled the Galaxy Note 10.1 to not only include a quad-core processor (which we already knew about) but also to include a place for the S-Pen to live.

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To allow the Note 10.1 to accommodate the S-Pen, Sammy had to slim down the stylus, but (as indicated in the photo above), the manufacturer will be offering a "holder kit" to bring the pen up to a more sensible size.

There's no word on pricing or availability just yet, but we'll keep you up to date on all the important details as they emerge.

Source: Tablet Community via AndroidPolice