Samsung to release two dual-SIM versions of the Galaxy Y

Samsung just recently announced they will be releasing two dual-SIM versions of the Galaxy Y in Q1 2012, the Galaxy Y DUOS and the Galaxy Y Pro DUOS.

galaxy yduos pro

The specs have the Galaxy Y DUOS sporting a bigger 3.14” display than the original (3”), 3MP camera (instead of 2MP), slightly larger dimensions at 4.32” x 2.36” x 0.47”, 4GB onboard and of course 2 SIM slots.

The Galaxy Y Pro DUOS has the same QWERTY keyboard as the original, virtually identical dimensions to the original, 3MP camera (over the 2MP), 4GB onboard and the 2 SIM slots.

There really doesn’t seem to be any need to upgrade unless you need the dual-SIM functionality. No word on which carrier these will be appearing on.

Source: LandOfDroid