Samsung NX30 Review

After cornering much of the market on smartphones and tablet devices, the Android operating system has expanded to other electronic devices, like digital cameras. Android-powered smart cameras offer a multitude of benefits, including the incredible connectivity-based features.

With the help of built-in Wi-Fi and a few special apps, these high-performance smart cameras can connect to the Internet and upload images directly to a social media site like Facebook or a storage service like Dropbox. You’ll never accidentally lose photos or run out of storage space again!

Some of the best Android-powered cameras are from the Samsung NX series. The Samsung NX30 in particular has earned rave reviews since its release ( awarded it 4.5 out of 5 stars). Let’s take a closer look at the Android camera and what it has to offer.


Basic Specs

The Samsung NX30 is a compact system camera featuring a 20.3 megapixel APS-C CMOS sensor for beautiful, noise-free images, even in low-light situations. At 127 x 95.5 x 41.7mm, it weighs 975 grams and fits comfortably in your grip.

The camera has a tiltable, 2,359K dot electric viewfinder and a 3-inch, 1037k dot, Super AMOLED Swivel and Touch display. An eye sensor sits alongside the EVF to help the camera switch between the LCD screen and the EVF when you hold it up to your eye; this saves the battery and eliminates the distraction of the LCD display when it’s not needed.

The Samsung NX30 has a hybrid autofocus system that combines phase detection autofocus and contrast autofocus for snappier, more precise autofocusing (especially in low light). The exceptionally short shutter lag makes it possible to shoot sharp, detailed images at lightning speed. The camera also boasts an excellent panoramic mode.

It comes standard with an 18-55mm kit lens and Samsung’s i-Function button, which allows you to adjust the camera’s functionality via a button on the lens. It can also support other lens kits of your liking.

The camera can record 1080p full HD video with stereo sound via a 3.5pi microphone.

nx30 image

The Samsung NX30’s Special Features

You will never again have to worry about running out of storage space, losing a memory card or having the right connection cord, thanks to NFC (Near Field Communications) and Wi-Fi.

Set up the AutoShare feature and the camera will send every picture you take to your phone or tablet device via Wi-Fi, powered by NFC technology. This makes saving and sharing from anywhere a hassle- and stress-free experience.

Samsung’s HomeSync allows you to send your photos and videos directly to a cloud storage service via Wi-Fi or LTE/3G connection. If you’re traveling the world, you have the option of streaming photos and videos to a Samsung Smart TV back home, or sharing via email or social media.

The NFC-enabled Remote Viewfinder Pro has a SMART panel that allows you to adjust your camera settings via your smartphone. Or, use the camera’s unique baby monitor setting to set up the camera in the nursery and keep tabs on your infant. Whenever the camera senses a noise, it will take and send an image straight to your phone.

Finally, for users who love photo platforms like Instagram, the Samsung NX30 offers its own selection of user-friendly digital filters to add some creativity to your images.