Samsung Joins The Fight Against Short Battery Life, Promises 2012 Phone Will Be All-Day Strong For Most Users

samsungAs smartphones get larger, more vibrant displays, faster CPUs, 4G LTE network connectivity, and more features, there is one area where they still always fall short: battery life. In fact, most modern smartphones lack the ability to last a full day of regular, moderate usage without requiring some additional juice.

Samsung knows that we're all sick of doing the battery-charge-shuffle, so it's vowing to keep us away from the outlet for a full day of moderate to heavy usage with its 2012 phones, according to VP of product innovation Kevin Packingham. On one hand, this probably means slightly thicker devices with larger batteries (like the Motorola RAZR MAXX, which has a 3300mAh battery), but Sammy will also be optimizing the way the phones work, as well. Things like Wi-Fi searching and 4G LTE connections, among other things, will be tweaked to minimize battery usage.
While the most power-hungry users will still have to pack an extra battery or portable charger, this is still definitely good news for all.

[Source Cnet Via AndroidPolice]