Samsung Improving Wireless Charging for 2014?

samsung wireless charging

We all know that wireless charging is the future when it comes to mobile innovations and now Samsung is working on improving wireless charging in the coming year. We all know that the number one annoyance of wireless charging is having to place our device perfectly on the charging pad and Samsung is working Samsung Wireless charging solutionson fixing this. Of course wireless charging is a seemingly lazy way to keep your battery full and Samsung will make this even easier.

With the huge increase in popularity this year when it comes to wirelessly charging our smartphones with Qi compatible charging pads we will now see competition for the current owner of the market. Competition to these standards could among other things make wireless charging a little less expensive.

Samsung has stated that they are working on their own magnetic resonance system to integrate directly into next years devices. They have partnered with PowerbyProxi to fix the inductive charging issue of exact placement which could be a headache for Qi. Some manufacturers have tried to fix the underlying issue of inductive charging by adding coils or magnets that actually grab the device to make sure it stays in the perfect place for optimal charge.

All of this being said Samsung and PowerbyProxi are working on a wireless charging solution that will be a longer range system allowing the device to be near the charger and not perfectly placed in the correct direction. We will likely see something on this at CES or possibly their unpacked event in 2014. We will keep you informed as to the direction and timeframe to expect this new innovation.

Via: Android-advice