Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1N: Apple Complaint Rejected in German Court

A preliminary assessment of the reworked Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 by a court in Germany has found that the subtle changes to the device are enough to differentiate it from the Apple iPad, and has rejected Apple’s latest claim that the tweeked Android tablet, now known as the Galaxy Tab 10.1N, still infringes its protected intellectual property.


Speaking at the hearing in court on Thursday, Judge Johanna Brueckner-Hofmann said that the court had assessed the latest complaint by Apple and had found that “…the defendant [Samsung] has moved away sufficiently from the legally protected design”.

Judge Brueckner-Hofmann also added that a ruling would be made on February 9th 2012.

The assessment will be a welcome result for Samsung who have been in legal dispute with Apple since soon after the Galaxy Tab 10.1 was released. Apple’s initial complaint stated that the Tab looked like the iPad and the court found in favour of Apple. This resulted in Samsung making some subtle appearance changes to their device and, despite a further challenge from Apple about the 10.1N, the court believes that the changes are sufficient to avoid infringement.

Source: LandOfDroid